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My Xyloband Passed Away Last Night :(


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Mine did that last week. Sat on all day and I watched it just get darker and darker. It was quite sad.


It was wasnt it..knowing that it'll never glow again. At least if it hadnt come on again theres always that chance it'll start flashing at some point.:(

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I posted a reply on page 3 of this thread:



It shows you, via a link, what the Xylobands look like inside, so you can unscrew it to open it up, and then replace the batteries.


One of my bands - the blue one - suddenly decided to light up - I'm not sure why [Answers please] so I put a paperclip into it to turn it off, which has worked to preserve the batteries, so I don't have to replace them so soon (I've just checked it still goes on) [i wonder whether if other radio signals or other signals that turn them on]

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