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Help Needed!


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Hello everyone,

On the 20th of July, just 11 days ago; a nineteen year old boy named Sam Lewis, also known as 'Mr Nice Guy' among his friends and family, tragically collapsed and died in his workplace due to genetic problems. Sam attended the same school as me and he was a great lover of Coldplay. His favourite song 'Till Kingdom Come' was played at his funeral which was packed with all the people who knew and loved him.

I know it is a long shot and quite unrealistic but my friends and I were hoping that some way the boys could find out about the great loss to their family of fans and perhaps dedicate a song to him, or even just a tweet on their Twitter page. It would mean everything to everybody here who are still in shock.

So, I'm asking for help and advice from whoever can give it, on what I should do.

Thank you,


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