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Hello all amazing coldplayers!


My name is Ilkyaz. I'm 20. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm a huge fan of Coldplay for years like you. All their albums are wonderful but i have to say that my favorite coldplay album is a rush of blood to the head. the album is very special for me :)


Unfortunately, I've never been in coldplay concert so far cos they've never been here :( I hope the band do as soon as so i can see the amazing show! Please please please wish me luck about that!


I'm really excited so I don't know what else can i say :) I want to say that I'm not good at english very well but we can understand each other, i think haha :lol: Lots of love all!! :)

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i'm not going anywhere. i will be here :)


oh, hello England and Mollyxyloto! actually, i went to England this summer, always raining raining but love England very much!! :) and thanks for your good wishes, i hope i can live them before I die! :\

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