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I'm writing an autobiography (and/or memoirs).

Texas Rez

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Yes I see what you're saying, that in most cases there are always positive things to learn about yourself and understanding of life, even when subjected to the worst treatments. I got the impression from Molly she only likes positive stories, and from her reply since my impression hasn't changed.


But I still don't agree with you, I don't see how Elisabeth Fritzl could sugar coat her life for the benefit of the reader.




Exactly, I think an interesting aspect to autobiographies is that you get inside the head of the person writing it and exactly how they feel, whether you despise or admire them. If they have a good narrative then all the better, but that comes 2nd, the point is that it isn't fiction.


So what if she does only like positive stories? That's her choice.


Her point was only that she doesn't want to read about self-pity. I don't blame her.

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King Lear was full of self-pity and it's one of the best pieces of literature ever. I just think good self-pity writing walks a fine line. It can become trite very easily.


True. Same could be said of grunge, though. Nirvana managed to get away with the self-deprecating, but not many others did.

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