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I would love to :cheesy:

I've been there twice and I really liked it, I have literally no chance of getting into UCL though or anything that asks for AAB :(


As long as your predicted grades are good enough for a particular university, I'd still apply. One of my friends missed her offer for Liverpool because she got a C instead of a B but she still got onto the course because they felt that she was very passionate about her subject.


Liverpool's a great city to live and study. I enjoyed my time at UCL but I don't think London's the best place to live when you're a student. Most students in Liverpool live in the same area, which isn't really the case in London. You often go to parties in an area you've never been too and no one will have a clue how to get home. I've been waiting for night buses so many times because I was miles away from where I lived and I couldn't afford a taxi. It's obviously easier if you go out in central London but I couldn't really afford to spend £7 on a drink.

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