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[15-Nov-2012] MAX TV Intimate Show, Sydney, Australia (LIVE VIDSTREAM IN FIRST POST!)

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I'm glad to see that I didn't miss much. I managed to see ETIAW and Yellow (or at least some good images and a lot of blurry ones :P)

But, out of all the songs she chose Yellow? At least it was the acoustic piano version, which is nice :nice:

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Coldplay: Live from Minecraft Stadium or Lego Arena


oh I thought it was just a bunch of boxes bouncing lol your right though


LOL! :laugh3::laugh3:

I feel bad for those who stayed up all night to watch this :/


I got up at 4.20 am.... yawn.. its OK only work today LOL..


lets hope they put a decent version up on the website later




This is worth getting up early for!


:nod: the yellow version was gorgeous.


Its 48 kbps audio. For me, it sounds as bad as it looks.


Yellow -> http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5461125#post5461125




That was the crappest stream ever, but the Yellow version made up for it.


Tuesday night, 2am bed for the Live 2012. Getting up at 6 for work.

Wednesday night, 4.30am getting up for this.. now going to work..


HAHA.. I am totally bananas..

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I skipped this one, doing an all-nighter for the Sunrise show that was a bit lackluster was hard on my energy enough. Might watch later tonight but that setlist makes me reconsider


Its 48 kbps audio. For me, it sounds as bad as it looks.


To be fair, considering the state of internet in Australia some couldn't even stream that.

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