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Let's get this straight.


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First of all, I like you. I don't think anyone here dislikes you. I have no clue why they would have a reason to, cos I think you're kind, I guess you're a bit reserved as well, don't really talk to many people.


But if you feel like people do dislike you:




At the end of the day, this is not gonna matter. You're gonna move on with your life, get a job, get married, travel, start a family, start to absolutely hate your job, find a new one, have an unexpected grandkid, retire, do all sorts of stuff you wanted to do like skydiving, and then you'll be gone from the world. And the opinions you thought people had of you ~60 years ago is not gonna matter. At all.


Sorry you feel that way. But don't worry about pleasing people and opinions and all that. Just try to find people who like you for being you. People who make you laugh and help you and make you a smarter person. They're really the only ones important to you. Everyone else can fuck off.


Nobody is liked by everyone. A few people are gonna either be irritated by you or envious of you. Often for a very small and stupid reason. It sucks. But they're not part of the big picture. It's a dumb thing to worry about. You're only on this earth for a short time. So don't spend a lot of it torturing yourself about something that is most likely not even true



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But my opinon of you, since you askkkked. You seem young, maybe 14? That's just a guess..But from what I've seen of your posts you seem alright (:

I'm 16 actually. Wow...I always thought it was because I looked young that people always got my age wrong...

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