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A Very Rezzy Thanksgiving

Texas Rez

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November is here, October 2012 has ended, including Halloween. Since it is November now, I'd like for all of us who celebrates (or wants to celebrate) Thanksgiving to get into the mood of the holidays, even if it is too early to do so! Yes, you guessed it. The "Rezzy" in this thread's title gave it away! It's time for another one of the many tales of Rezzy Leon to be told again!


The previous story's, The Halloween Tale of Rezzy Leon, first chapter was published on October 14th, and its fourth and last chapter was published on the day of Halloween, October 31st, which makes the presentation of the story last for about two weeks. This story's first chapter has been published just now on November 1st, and the last chapter will be published on the morning of Thanksgiving, November 22nd. This means that we'll have three weeks for this story to be told! :dance: Yes, it will be longer than The Halloween Tale of Rezzy Leon, and we will have more time to enjoy (or, at least TRY to enjoy) this story!


Chapter 1: "Uptight"

"Uptight... uptight," Thom Yorke sang into the ears of a sleeping Rezzy Leon. Lazily, Rezzy dragged his right arm over his body to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock to his left. "Upt...," *click* the alarm clock goes. He then lifted the covers off of his body, groaning while looking at the clock that read "8:02 a.m.." He then sat up and stretched and started to walk into the hallway, dragging his feet along the way. Then, a strong scent of food came along into the air as soon as Rezzy opened the door to leave his room. "What's that smell?", he questioned himself. He then walked into the kitchen and saw his parents cooking what appeared to be desserts. "What are you guys doing up this early in the morning?", Rezzy asks aloud. "That's a good question, son," his dad responded, closing the fridge door, holding a container full of Cool Whip. "Your mother and I are preparing the dinner for today!" "Um...," a confused Rezzy responded, "What is today?" Just as his father was about to answer the rhetorical question, he became slightly distracted as Rezzy's mother had just stepped out of the kitchen to make a phone call. His father then looked back at Rezzy to respond. "Today is Thanksgiving, obviously!"

"I...," Rezzy hesitated. "I wasn't paying attention to the days."

"You wanna know how I know what today is?"

"How?", Rezzy sighed.

"Well, I'll give you the first hint; It hangs on my wall, and has approximately 30 days on each page. There are about 12 pages in total, and I make plans on it. What am I?"

"A calendar."

"Ding! Rezzy just hit the nail on the hammer, I mean... The hammer on the nail."

"Riiight, but why are you two cooking so early in the morning?"

"Son, what have we been doing for the past ten Thanksgivings?"

"Oooh... right... THAT..."

"Yes, THAT. Your grandmother Marie and uncle Perry will be coming over in about two and half hours, so be sure to brace yourself for that, as usual. Also, don't forget that we have to go visit my relatives later on in the evening."


"FUUUUUU...!!!" is all Rezzy could think of to say at the moment. Loathing the thought of having to visit his father's family, Rezzy remembers the ignorance and selfishness of them. He only visits them about twice a year, for Thanksgiving and Halloween, and never a birthday celebration, as he would always receive an invitation on the last-minute when guests run short. You can say that Rezzy never gets love from his father's family, I guess. On the other hand, he is quite glad that he gets to see the only two closest relatives from his mother's family first in the morning and early afternoon. They're the only ones that ever attended the celebrations Rezzy's immediate family host for events such as birthdays and Halloween parties.


Rezzy then slouched on the couch in the living room and decided to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, as the scent of the cooking turkey grows stronger in the air. As Rezzy admired the floating parade balloons and the live performance of Young Scrotum and his side-kick rapper, Swagginator, Rezzy's mother walked into the living room. "Okay, I just got off the phone with my mom," she said. "Well?", Rezzy's father asked, "What did she say?" "She said that she'll be arriving here at about 11 a.m.," she responded. "That'll be around the time the turkey will be ready, also!" he exclaimed. "The balls drop on December 2nd!", Young Scrotum announced after Rezzy's father had finished his sentence. "Oh gosh," Rezzy said, "I wonder how many kids at school will be talking about his new album after his balls have dropped."

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Chapter 2: "Unfinished Sudoku"

To kill time to wait for grandmother Marie and uncle Perry to arrive to the Rezidents, Rezzy had decided to stop watching the live parade. He stood up off of the couch, and walked back into his room to grab his book full of sudoku puzzles. He then walked back into the living room and sat back down on the couch to work on a few of the puzzles. "Oh!", Rezzy said before opening the book. "I forgot my writing utensil." Rezzy then walked back into his room to grab one of the pencils from his desk. He then walked back into the living room to sit back down on the couch. "Shoot!", he said. "I forgot my iPod!" Again, Rezzy walked back into his room to grab his iPod from the same desk, and, again, he walked back into the living room and sits back down on the couch. "Now then," Rezzy says to himself, "let's stimulate my mind!" He then inserts the ear-buds in his ears (Where else would he put them?) and then starts to play Radiohead's The King of Limbs, and then opens the first page of his Sudoku book. Yeah, I know, he should've been at least a few puzzles in! Well, I guess... well, nevermind. He just bought that puzzle book last week. Anyways, he starts work on the first puzzle.


Hours later, after jamming to The King of Limbs, In Rainbows, and Hail to the Thief, Rezzy then looks up on the clock on the wall. The time now is 11 a.m., meaning that Marie and Perry should be arriving anytime soon. Rezzy hasn't completed a single Sudoku puzzle within that entire time frame either, because Rezzy has been distracted by the awesomness of the three Radiohead albums he had just listened to. "Alright," Mr. Leon said. "The turkey is ready," he announces as he pulls the turkey out of the oven. About ten minutes afterwards, a knock on the door had been heard by everyone within the household. "That must be them!", exclaimed Mrs. Leon, as she rushed over to the door to open it. She then opens the door, obviously because I told you guys that she rushed over to the door to open it, so yeah... She opens the door and Marie and Perry both walk in, as Mr. and Mrs. Leon gives them a warm welcoming with hugs and kisses on the cheek, as Rezzy was in his room putting away his Sudoku puzzle and his iPod. Rezzy then walks in the room, and welcomes the two as well. "How's it been, grandson?", Marie asked him. "It's uh...," Rezzy hesitated. "It's been actually very interesting lately.... and in the good way, too!" "That's good to know!", she responded with a big smile. "Hey there nephew," Perry greeted, as the two look at each other very sternly. "Okay then!", Mr. Leon said, "Why don't everyone just have a seat in the living room while I set up the food for you guys?" "There's not a problem with that at all, Mr. Leon!", Perry responded. As everyone sits down in the living room waiting for the signal to grab a plate of grub, Mrs. Leon turns the channel to the national news channel, ANAE. "American News. All day. Erry day," the anchor said as she reports onto other news.


"In the town of Timville," she continues, "the Halloween eve shooting at the Q Store left five wounded, including the arrested suspect, named Trent Ball. None of the victims' conditions were listed as critical, thankfully, as all victims who were hospitalized were released from the Timville Hospital before the week of Thanksgiving, thankfully, including the undercover officer Christian Alex, who drove his red Toyota Prius into the building, which was locked at the time. He had made the announcement earlier today that there was one more suspect involved in the shooting." "Oh my," Marie said, "Who knew that the Q Store down the few blocks would make national news?" "uh...," Rezzy said, "I don't know... Heheh." The anchor then went on to say that, "if you have anymore information on who this person is, and/or where this person may be, please do inform us by calling the number 555-0225. Thank you, and enjoy your Thanksgiving." "Hm....," Mr. Leon thought, as he walked into the living room from the kitchen. "Rezzy, son, weren't you out of the house on that night?" "Uhm...," Rezzy hesitated. "Yes, sir, I was out."

"Where were you?"

"Um... I was... uh... I was getting Cheetos! Yeah! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!"

"Which store did you went to get the Cheetos? You didn't come home that night until about midnight. And you didn't even had Cheetos!"

"Um," Marie interrupts, "I'm not sure what's going on."

"You're not the only one," Mrs. Leon dittos.

"The stocker didn't stock any Cheetos!", Rezzy said.

"That didn't answer my questi-, wait, Grace, where were you on Halloween eve?!", Mr. Leon turned to ask Mrs. Leon.

"Remember I went to go get fucking drunk senselessly at my friend, Diana's Halloween eve party?"

"Oh," Mr. Leon responded, "I remember now. Why did she host it on the 30th of October and not on Halloween?"

"Because," she answered, "hosting it on the 31st would be too cliche."

"Yeah..., well, before the food gets cold, serve yourselves!"

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Chapter 3: "Stale Turkey. Gobble gobble, it won't scrobble."

Everyone, except Mr. Leon, who was setting up the table in the dining room, walked into the kitchen to fix themselves a plate of food. "I thought you guys were cooking desserts," Rezzy said. "Well," Mrs. Leon pointed out, "when we finished up the desserts, we allowed them to sit in the fridge to keep, or get, cold, then we started cooking up the good shit! Of course, you weren't paying attention because you were too busy listening to that Rat Head."


"Whatever! Radiohead, Ratiohead, same difference! Just shut up and eat up!"

"Whatever," Rezzy said while slapping some mashed potatoes on his plate.

After everyone fixed up their plates and sat down at the table, Mr. Leon decided to turn the TV off after fixing up the table. He then fixed himself a plate of food and sat down lastly. "Now then," he went on to say, "is there anyone who would like to say grace?" Rezzy then raised his right hand to volunteer. "Anyone at all?", Mr. Leon continued. "Anyone BESIDES REZZY?" Rezzy then decided to wave his hand to make sure he gets picked to say grace. "Well then," Mr. Leon said, "I guess I'll say grace then!" "WHAT?!", Rezzy said abruptly.

"Rezzy, son, please calm down. Let us join hands." Everyone did so, as Rezzy pouted, "fine."

"Dear Lord, John Lennon," Mr. Leon started. "We thank you fo-,"

"Thomas," Mrs. Leon interrupted. "Either say grace the right way, or don't say it at all."

"Fine then," Mr. Leon responded. "Do it yourself then!"

"Maybe I will!"

"Maybe? THEN DO IT!"

"Fine then! I will!"



A few seconds of silence passed by after that was said. I think it was four seconds... and a half... to be exact. In between those four-and-a-half seconds, a cough from Perry was the only thing heard. "You know what?", Marie said, "Why don't we just dig in? I'm sure we can bless this food mentally." Everyone nodded their heads except for Rezzy's parents, who were starting to stare sternly into each other's eyes. Afterwards, everyone started to eat. However, not a single word was spoken. "Oh boy," Rezzy said, "this turkey sure is good, huh, Perry?" "Uh huh," Perry mumbled with his mouth full. "Last year," he went on to say, "the turkey was so fucking dry, it made my mouth dry itself. Drinking water didn't even made it moist. It was very... overcooked, you can say?" "You take that back," Mr. Leon demanded towards Perry. "What? The turkey was shit!"

"That was last year. How about this year? HUH?"

"Well, it tastes a bit more moist this year. Just only a bit. Still could be more juicy, though."


Just as Mr. Leon was about to say something towards Perry, the phone rang. "I'll answer that," he said, temporarily leaving the dinner table. While he went on to talk with the caller, Rezzy started to feel uncomfortable. "No, sir," Mr. Leon's voice echoes from the living room. "I'm pretty sure he was not at the Q Store that night. Y... you... Okay... Ah, you see? I was worried about him, too. He didn't arrive home until about midnight. How did you obtain this number? He gave it to you? Ah, interesting... So he was at the Q Store. See, he didn't told me this himself. Okay, I understand. Okay. You be safe now! There's a lot of drunk people out there when it's the holidays, y'know. Okay. Talk to ya later."


Rezzy then started to tense up, cringing for what his father might say to him. Rezzy didn't realize it, but everyone at the table was staring at him, as if they were curious. Mr. Leon then sat back down at the table and looked straight across at Rezzy. "Son," he said to him, "I just got off the phone with Christian Alex. You know, the officer that drove you home on the night of Halloween Eve?" "Well," Rezzy said in a shaky voice, "he never told me his name, and he's not just any officer! He's an undercover officer! Get it right!"

"Right, well, I'm not mad at you for almost getting your ass killed that night."

"You're not?"

"Nope. Not one. Single. Bit."

"Ah," Rezzy alleviated, "Well, isn't that great? I thought you'd torture me, or something..."

"Nah. Again, I'm not mad at you. I'm actually fucking pissed at you. More pissed then I am with Perry right now, because my own son going through such a mess is more important to me than someone insulting my cooking."

"Hey!", Perry responded.

"Oooo," Marie instigated. "Shit just got real."

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Nothing much for a fourth chapter, but it's a setup.


Chapter 4: "Cuatro"

Silence shrouded the room after Marie just said that. Out of nowhere, the sound of crickets were heard, also. Yes, it was THAT quiet. Perry eventually stormed out of the room, and eventually, out of the house. Marie followed him, saying "Hey! Wait for me!" Mrs. Leon then looked at Rezzy and his father, saying "Thanks for ruining Thanksgiving for my mother." The two were silent, giving each other the death stare. Then Mrs. Leon left the room, leaving Rezzy alone with his father. "What now?", Rezzy asks him. "Just...," he responded, hesitating, "Just go to your room, and get ready to go visit my family." Without any more further words spoken, Rezzy walked back into his room to basically brace himself for his father's family. A few seconds after Rezzy closed the door and sat on his bed, a knock on the door was then heard. "Come in," Rezzy said. After his father opened the door, Rezzy pouted, "Oh, it's you." "Mind if I come in?", Mr. Leon asked, after entering the room. "Well," Rezzy responded, "Seeing that you already entered my room, I don't see the point of saying "No"".

"Listen," Mr. Leon said, sitting next to him on Rezzy's bed. "I, um... I'm sorry for making that scene in front of your grandmother."

"I kinda forgive you, but yet, I don't forgive you."

"And I kinda am pissed at you, but yet, I'm not pissed at you."

"I'm sorry, but if only you were with my on that Halloween eve night, then you'd understand."

"I probably won't understand, because I've heard people at work talked about what happened that night, and I doubt anyone can understand what happened."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay then, I won't force you to talk about it. We'll be leaving at about 1 pm. It's 12:15 pm now, so that gives you enough time to listen to some Coldplay!"


"I don't see why you don't like them. I mean, I saw them back in 2002. Best. Show. Ever."

"Whatever, dad. Just, let me just prepare for the end of the world."

"You actually believe in that 2012 crap?"

"JUST GO, PLEASE! Leave my room, por favor."

"Fine," Mr. Leon relented, leaving Rezzy's room.


When the clock did struck 1 pm, everyone entered the car, a black Toyota Supra. When Mr. Leon started the engine, the radio started playing, as Radiohead's "Airbag" began to play. Mrs. Leon then turned the station to Rezzy's annoyance. "Are you serious?!", he blurted out, "THAT WAS RADIOHEAD!" "So?", Mr. Leon said, putting in Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head into the CD player. "We're gonna play some Coldplay, whether you like it or not," he said. Rezzy considered grabbing his iPod, but chose not to, because he wasn't in the mood for some music. "This is torture," Rezzy said, as the car begins to drive out of the garage.

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