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How does Jonny make the sound before GPASUYF?


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I'm producing similar sounds using reverb(very wet settings + high feedback).

In the video it seems he's using his volume pedal (ernie ball I guess) which allows him to enter the sound slowly. It is so wet you cannot even hear any picking.


It reminds me the Spies intro with the Ebow but less warm.

The sound in the video is far more "icy" and big.

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gi can tell you the exact effect he is using. It's called particle reverb. Youtube it.

It's an amazing effect especially if you volume swell e.g. at the end of up in flames you can see jonny twisting the guitar knob to let the particle reverb ring.

Alternatively he could just be using his RV5 boss reverb pedal with a loop, but I'm certain its the particle reverb which he also uses for the verse of major minus.


hope that helped

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