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Chris' Guitar Model (a.k.a Martin's Martin)


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Hello everyone!


I was wondering if anyone knows what model of guitar Chris was using yesterday at the 12.12.12 gig?

I linked a picture of it underneath, I think it seems a bit smaller than usual, or is it just me?


Also I know he normally uses Martin guitars but does anyone know specifically the models he normally plays lately on tour etc.?


Thanks a lot :nice:.


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Consider this year's review thread. It was in the first page, but bumped some times until the list was complete. A thread being in a lost page is not the only reason to bump a thread.


That thread wasn't bumped but updated.

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As a matter of fact, it was bumped. Anyway, updating it amounts to getting the thread on the top of the page, which is the same thing of bumping it.


There was no need to bump that thread since it's sticky.



Anyway, sorry for going off topic. Good luck with finding the guitar model : )

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It became a sticky thread in the past days. It wasn't in the beginning.


I just looked it up and you're right, my mistake. But I still disagree about the bumping. Ian updated the thread when someone had posted that they wanted to join, that's not the same thing as bumping a thread. Same with the Secret Santa thread, that thread is updated by SantaClaus when there's a new update about the sent cards.

Like I said before, you normally bump a thread when it's no longer on page 1. This thread was on the top of page 1 so there's was no need to bump it. If the thread starter wanted to end the off topic discussion she should have said something about that instead of posting the word BUMP. But that's my opinion, I guess you disagree and that's totally fine. Maybe we should end this discussion and let this thread go back on topic, OK? : )


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I guess this belongs here:


February 18, 2013 - submitted by Jericho, United States of America


Q. Hello

Do you know what the model is for Chris Martin's Martin guitar?




The Oracle replies:


No, but luckily I know a man who does. Thanks to the knowledgeable Hoppy (Chris' guitar tech for those who don't know) for this very comprehensive answer.

"On the MX tour he was playing Martin D-15 M's (FYI: D= dreadnought body shape/ number = style, the higher the number the more fancy appointments, binding, inlays etc/ M= mahogany). He used six or seven in a show, set up for different songs/tunings and all painted different)."


He also went on to tell me:

"His favorite is a 1985 (I think) made D-28 which doesn't tour. I believe he originally rented this from John Henry's Hire dept. a long time ago and subsequently bought it from them.


Amongst the others, he has a vintage pre-war D-28. Also D-42, or 45 K (K=Koa wood) from the 70's (I think!)

Also he may have a OO-15CE (OO= body size, small/ C= cutaway/ E=electric) somewhere. He used these on the Rush of Blood tour.


He has recently been recording with 2 new HD-28's (H= herringbone, which is a style of binding they previously used on pre-war made D-28's) that have been modified, and a couple of specially made 12 string versions of D-15 M's."


He knows his stuff does our Hoppy! Wow, I hope you guitar fans out there found that as fascinating as I did.

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