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Released as a single??

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Does anyone else think that DLIBYH should be released as a single? It's one of my favourite tracks and would love to hear it on the radio in the morning! :D


Any other views? And also does anyone know if there is going to be another single released?



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^Hi :D


Sadly the MX era is pretty much over.The tour is officially over, they're releasing the comics, and most importantly, when HLH was released, i believe they said it was "MX's last single", so I doubt they'll release anything now.

I do think it's a great track too, and I remember being surprised to hear it some day on radio this summer in Spain! Anyway, as much as i enjoy the song, i don't know if it would have done great as a single.

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^I remember there was a period of time when it was all confused, and somehow some radios started playing UiF as the last single, but it was never confirmed by the band as a single. The last single on Coldplay.com is HLH.


I believe it was mostly a promo, rather than a single. There's video footage of a man holding it with the official artwork that no one has and we might never have anytime soon. :\

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