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you'd think so, but i'd have to disagree. I'm not sure if its the Unstaged version or Live 2012 version but he plays with his white strat with red paint. It's pretty safe to assume its standard because he's used that same guitar on other standard tunning songs throughout the MX tour.


As for what his playing:

High C# with modulated reverb from his RV5. I use something called a particle reverb which gives a very similar effect and can even get 100% decay.

The rest of the song remians in tact like the original except for his solo. In this case it's extremely hard to hear what his playing because the band are going for loud loud loud loud in this part. I used a phaser once with a fair bit of distortion with delay and got pretty close. Just have to abuse the hell out of the phaser.


Have a good one!

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