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Help!! How to know if a boy likes you?!


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He's 16, by rude jokes, he makes sex jokes and hears the dirty side to things, which I find funny, it is childish to some people but yeah I find it funny.


I think we'd be better as just friends, why would those girls make that up?


Rather be safe than sorry :)


Ill get over it

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I was similar at that age to be honest. Everything was an innuendo.


Out of interest, how come you were so quick to give up on the idea? The fact you did might mean it's possibly for the best, but it surprised me.


I think I gave up because I'm sure he'd much rather go for a pretty blonde anyways :P, no erm I dunno... I don't think he'd think of me in a way more than friends, which I guess I'm fine with :/

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Bloody good thread.


The relationship probably won't work because you both like Muse. That means you have a long way to go in terms of maturity, etc, which increases the chances that you will grow apart. Sorry to break it to you.


Bloody good post that.

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