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Coldplay merchandise summer line


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Yeah, but where is the stuff I actually bought?! :lol:


Thank you for ordering from Coldplay store. One or more of your items has shipped. If you ordered more than one item, they may ship separately.

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Was just going to contact them but I thought I'll give it just one more try...


And then it suddenly worked.

Must have been broken for a while or something.


Phew! Parachutes tshirt on its way to me! :)

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I couldn't get the discount to work either despite trying several times at different times of the day yesterday. I finally gave up and ordered without it. My order wasn't huge anyway. Let me tell you, only Coldplay can get me to give up a discount just so I can get their 'stuff.' Only Coldplay. I hope I get a free keychain e-mail...:cool:

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