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How do people monetize covers on Youtube?


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Whenever I upload a cover 100% created by me.... A Coldplay song or Muse song or any...


I get the "matched 3rd party content" thing that disables monetization. The videos are still up but they cannot be monetized.

And what's stupid is it says "At 00:23 you used "COLDPLAY -ATLAS (HUNGER GAMES SOUNDTRACK" like I used a sample of the song but I clearly didn't. It's just me. Every sound.


So... how do some people like Boyce Avenue or even just normal people like Christina Grimmie make profit off of their covers? I don't get it.


There are websites like "Maker" and "Fullscreen" that apparently you can get "partnered" with and they will pay you for your Youtube videos and put the ads on. This is all new to me. Does anybody have any knowledge in this field?

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