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Coldplaying Song Projects, Participate now!


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I'm having some ideas concerning a Coldplaying User band (not comparable with the other one).

Well, everybody will have a chance to participate, no matter what you play.


The idea is to write multiple songs together and share it with Coldplaying. Every instrument is possible, even pots and pans from your kitchen would be possible.


I would like to receive a PM from everybody who want's to participate in this project.


I will also need songwriters and other people with plenty of ideas.


Do you play any instrument or do you think that you can make songs with beer bottles? Please send me a PM containing:

- Your username,

- Your instrument,

- Maybe some ideas.


How more, how better!


Ones the first song has been written and recorded, I will take care of the mix and master.


When we finished the first song, auditions will be started for the next one! :cool:


So, I'll be waiting for the PM's and let you all know when we're ready for the next step!


Our first project will be a Christmas song, so don't wait long and participate now. :)

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I've received enough messages to start the first song! Thanks everyone, I'll send a message soon with detailed information about the first project we'll work on. :)


It's of course still possible to participate, so keep sending messages! If they are not on time to fit within the first project, your'e automatically on the list for the second project, no worries! :)

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are you guys doing like funny haha songs or something more like...coldplayish. i can pass along some chord progressions i've made up. it's the melody writing that seems to give me the most push back


Currently I'm going through the received messages again to see which instruments we have and which ideas users got and combine these to create the first project. Your ideas are very welcome and could be part of the project. :)


The main idea is to make serious songs, however, I have no idea how the songs will evolve so there can always a less serious project. :)

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