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2013 Coldplay reviews, 12 Coldplayers of Christmas wanted

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Do you feel like writing a review of Coldplay/Coldplaying for a specific month of 2013?


Just some of the things that happened this year:


15 year anniversary of the first Coldplay show

Latin America tour cancelled

Clocks voted 6 Music's Greatest Hits

Mylo Xyloto comics

Brit Award for Best British Live Act

In My Place film for Oxfam

AROBTTH named Radio 2's Favourite Album

Record Store Day release

Silver Clef Award

New merchandise

Atlas release

Coldplay wine

Stamps for Phil

Viva La Vida Pudsey

Under 1 Roof Christmas concert

Grammy nomination for Atlas


You can apply on your own or as a pair.

If you are interested, post a reply in this thread with your preference for a specific month.


Here are the reviews from 2008,2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 to give you a feel of how the reviews work.


You can search for news in the Coldplaying news section, WikiColdplay and the Coldplaying forum search.

Most of the main site news articles contain links to forum threads where all the discussion, YouTube videos and photos can be found.

There should be around 5-10 decent different news stories per month plus a poll asking which was your favourite story. You can use Coldplaying news articles, YouTube videos, photos, tweets etc to build up a story and then add a monthly poll.


Posting dates (into the Reviews of 2013 sub-forum):


January - 19th December 2013

February - 20th December 2013: Coeurli

March - 21st December 2013: macky

April - 22nd December 2013: busybeeburns

May - 23rd December 2013

June - 24th December 2013: Arantza

July - 26th December 2013: suzanafg

August - 27th December 2013: suzanafg

September - 28th December 2013: JillyBlue

October - 29th December 2013: Prissieb

November - 30th December 2013: MorningGlory

December - 31st December 2013: Nattatouille


Thanks to everyone who decides to volunteer! :nice:

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I've been rather absent this year, but if this isn't a major impediment, I'd like to do August, please :)


And for what is worth, doing reviews is great. You get to remember events, pay attention to details you missed and it's fun to organise it into a text. It doesn't take a ginormous amount of time. Do volunteer, please :nice:

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I would like to do when they cancelled the tours in my country and region (latin america)

I can't forget all that happened those days... so dissapointed, so I think it would be good for me to write it all about it.


I'll sign you up for January : )

The deadline was yesterday, when will you be able to post your review?


I'm currently working on the February review. I will hopefully have the time to post it today.



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Is it okay if I post it tomorrow? I've been very busy today and I'm busy tonight so I'm not sure I can finish it today :embarrassed:


Sure : )


I can do June :nice:

I just hope it doesn't end up being very lame :uhoh:


Don't worry, I bet it will be amazing!

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I'd like to do July too, if that's ok :)


Edit: I should've waited, but July's review is almost finished.


Sure, thank you!


Also, how do I embed tweets in a post? If it's too much trouble, I'll just copy the content. Thanks =)


It doesn't work for everyone, I'll send you a PM.

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