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Try to say a word as many times as you can without us guessing!


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The title says it all.


Basically you have to say a word as many times as you can in a post, and if someone guesses what word it was then you lose.


But if you don't guess right them you have to carry on saying the word as many times as possible until someone guesses


This game will probably fail but I'm bored so I don't care!! :laugh3:


(I've already started off by saying a certain word and anyone bored enough to play the game has to guess it!!)

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im confused


so if the person guessing it gets it wrong they have to keep saying the word even though they just guessed wrong so obviously dont know what it is


am i misssing something because i dont think that many people hover over game threads enough to pm the lozzas what it is, at least not nowadays

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Ok wait I just realised I explained this shittily


So basically I am saying a word as many times as I can


And then another user may try and guess what this word is


And if they're right, I'll say you're right

And if they're wrong, I say your wrong


If they're wrong then we carry on playing and other people have to guess

And then whoever gets it right has to start again, and choose a word which they say as much as possible and we all have to guess



Does that make sense?????

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