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Jonny using backing track? Check this video out


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And Chris is lip syncing at 4.32 in this video. :D :D :D




Nope. They're not.

Here's what said at the start of the video.

"Some parts of the audio in this video came out a bit dodgy so to enhance the overall quality I repaired it by mixing the audio with another live recording, as a result you may notice some minor discrepancies."

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FALSE ALARM watch this video at 2:35 this is the same concert [ame=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bZyRY2aZwuo]Coldplay Melbourne March 5th 2009 - Life in technicolor and Violet hill - YouTube[/ame]

Phew! ( I'm watching on my ipad so it don't show up):laugh3:



While we're on the subject watch this video at 1:40 [ame=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eIxDeDwdQwo]Coldplay 'Paradise' at Under 1 Roof at Eventim Apollo in London on 12/19/2013 - YouTube[/ame] I'm pretty sure he's using the looper on the DL4 then playing over it?

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I can personally vouch that Jonny plays live and loud! Front row at both the Little Noises and the Under 1 Roof show a few weeks ago. Both times I was right in front of him and his guitar was very loud and very impressive! At the little noises particularly it was noticeable as there was only him and Chris. No bass or drums. (unless you count the tambourine! :lol:).


Edit: yes he uses some form of looper in Paradise. During the Little Noises it got stuck and he had to bend down to sort it out.. Either way Jonny does very much play! :D

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It's generally not a good idea to rely on Youtube videos for this sort of thing. Even in perfectly uploaded videos, there's often a slight lag between video and sound.


That said, Jonny did have a switch marked Looper on his board at one point, so it's possible he did loop his guitar part to cover the change. You can see him stomp just before the handoff.

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