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Why does Fix you get faster when they play it live at the guitar riff?


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I might be going crazy but every live performance of Fix You I've heard, it sounds like it gets faster 2 seconds after Johnny starts playing the main guitar riff. Why do they do that you think? :o

Or... why am I going crazy?:thinking:

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Yeah, ive noticed that too actually. I thought it was just a time keeping issue but i thought they were using click tracks as well. iunno but either way, but youre not the only one who noticed.



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You folks have very perceptible ears!


I listened to 3 live variations and the original X&Y song. I opened my music software and tapped the beat for each. I found that the first half of the song consistently ran about 68/69 Beats per minute. But once the drums kick in and the song takes off, I hit 70 beats per minute every time. Maybe it just didn't sound as fun the one or two beats slower and so they raised it a little for the rest of the song. I know its always going to be the same wherever they play because of the backing tracks. But still rather interesting!

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