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Ghost Stories DVD


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Footage from the concerts on 21 March, 22 March and the video shoot on 22 March will be used.


From attending fans:


Went to tonights concert (Friday). It is a DVD that will also be sold when Ghost Stories comes out.


Tonights show is mainly going to be on the DVD. Saturdays show is going to make up the parts that went "wrong" on todays show.


Chris confirmed that this will be a DVD and an NBC special in about a month. It sounds like the videos will tell some story or journey, as he briefly explained when they showed a clip of him diving into a pool of water.


From Rolling Stone review (link)


It was the first of two nights on a movie soundstage at Sony Studios in Culver City, California, where the quartet performed Ghost Stories on camera for a future DVD connected to the album's May 16th release.

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I guess this was for the DVD as well then:


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p><a href="http://t.co/XDhuvPCFwy">pic.twitter.com/XDhuvPCFwy</a></p>— Coldplay (@coldplay) <a href="https://twitter.com/coldplay/statuses/444919084174409729">March 15, 2014</a></blockquote>

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What was the story they told in MX in the Live DVD? I can't remember, been awhile since I watched it? Would that give us any clues as to what they will do for this one if it is a generic creation around the album story?


Considering my posts since the album was announced have all been "WAH DVD". You can tell, this is good news for me. Some sort of DVD or LE was what I always wanted before I put my money down on anything. Though now I am hoping for a Bluray version. But they did do one for Coldplay Live so I guess they will for this.

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