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  • 6 years later...
waha :laugh3:


but any way. i can't say/write/scream/whatever in words that describes how freaking much I LOVE KENT :dance:

what are your favorite songs? :nice:


White Cliffs of Dover??

Why Does It Always Rainham On Me?

Down To Margate??



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Ken't Buy Me Love


Ken't Stand Losing You


They Ken't Take That Away from Me


Kent Get Used To Losing You

Kent Get You Outta My Head




Sorry, I'll get my coat...


Sorry, I don't know that one............................ :P

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I discovered Kent about a month ago.


I'm glad I did. I haven't listened to much, but I really enjoy discovering artists and bands I've never heard before and being opened to a whole new style, such as Kent.


So did you visit Dover or Folkestone??:rolleyes:

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