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So everyone seems to agree the Ghost Stories shows are wonderful/amazing/insert superlative. But the big complaint seems to be the length of the shows, especially with 6 full length albums, and a couple of EPs now. For comparisons sake, here are 3 setlists:



jyjubysu.jpgezugynyz.jpg and abu9ubuz.jpg


The more songs they've released, the shorter the set? Seems counter-intuitive.



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Yep. It doesn't make very sense at all...though I think it might have to do with the smaller venue thing. Though indeed they were working very hard in the Viva era to keep things shaken up with all the acoustic covers and stuff. MX I think they had to tighten things up because of how crazy the lightshows/props got perhaps. I indeed wish they'd go for longer though........they're 4 nice 30-somethings who don't seem to smoke or drink or do anything that should wear them out that much. :p


Worth noting - LA had the same number of songs, just a higher density of "cool songs." http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2014/royce-hall-los-angeles-ca-23c0b073.html

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