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i...got no sleep last night


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and i don't mean a few hours.

i mean the whole night.


i went to bed at 11:45pm. i waited....and waited....and i couldn't fall asleep.

then at 3:10am or so i whispered mindy, are you awake? she was up, because she couldn't fall asleep either. so i ask her if i could put on some music, maybe that would help. i listened to an 80 minute cd, trying to force myslef to fall asleep which you actually can't do. so i'm listening to music and watching the time counting down until the alarm clock will ring.


so then after that's over it's about 4:35am. i go downstairs and have a yogurt to eat and a peice of bread to eat, because maybe it was my stomach that was keeping me up. that didn't work either. so then i switch cd's and i have trouble since my cd player is messed up, i have to wait 5 minutes untill my cd player will read my cd (it a lot of the time doesn't read cds and you have to unplug it a lot untill it will read it) so i put in parachutes and after 5 songs i went downstaris to see if i could sleep any better in the short time i had left.


so in the end i got no sleep at all, i feel exausted but i don't want to go to sleep because then i might have another hard time falling asleep.


the night seemed like forever.

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Insominia... Agh. I definitely have it. I used to take about an hour lying in bed before falling asleep, but now its like 2 or 3 in the morning before I can sleep. and then I wake up after falling asleep every now and then. Then I have to wake up at six. :wreck:

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