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Gay Berryman


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just a little something i heard on Xfm today - Neal Tennent of The Pet Shop Boys - is claimed to fancie Guy from coldplay !! coldplay seem to have heard of this rumour before but neal as not admitted to this so far . as anyone else heard about this ? .............................




HTTT :sneaky:


Neal Tennent? Fancying Guy? Hahaha, thats funny. I never knew that Neal Tennent was gay? :o

But then again, you cant trust Christian O'Connell & co :lol: . Who's show was it?

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:stunned: :stunned:

i´ve never seen piccies of guy w/ gay look...

i usually look to his muscles and hair.... ooooo he can´t be gay...

it would be a crime!!!


that´s cause you don´t see the gorgeous gay that attends the same gym as I do. All those muscles, cute face and... gay ! Period.

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