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the lefty`s thread


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yeah this is a lefty`s thread. post anything interesting about lefties. i decided to post this thread as one of chris martin`s threads since he`s a lefty. i joined the lefthanders club and got my 1st newsletter. this is a bit from it:




Some people think of left-handedness as a

problem, but we know better!

Right handers are wired into the logical left

half of the brain, which makes them sensible,

reasonable and DULL.


Left-handers are wired into the artistic

right hemisphere of the brain which makes

them imaginative, creative, witty, obsessive,

infuriating, delightful and original but




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this is from my new newsletter (is anyone going to read it anyway?)





There are loads of word in the English

language meaning left-handed (and most

of them seem to be quite offensive, but

do we care?)

Have you heard of any of these?

Ballock Handed (Bristol)

Bang Handed (Tyne Tees)

Corrie Pawed (Scotland)

Cuddy Wifter (North)

Kack Handed (North)

Wacky Handed (Midlands)


We are also familiar with South Paw in


And what about

Greek, Skaios, Ill-omened, awkward

Italian, Mancini, Crooked, maimed

Spanish, Zurdo, not clever

French, Gauche , Awkward, clumsy

German, Links, Linkisch, Awkward

Latin, Sinister, On the left-hand side

(in English, also menacing and evil)


You can see more information about left-handed language and names on our web site at


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Wow....... thanks for called me weird............ but I'm not the only one, I know a few pl here who write with right and I on't know, paint with left or somenthing like that........ maybe you can write with the other hand , I used to write with my right hand but I was tired and my Math teacher writes from left to right so I started to write with my left hand and I could.... So then I try with other things and it was as useful as the right hand.

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i'm left handed' date=' but when it comes to playing softball i bat on my right side and when i play volley ball i surf with the right hand :shrug:[/quote']


I only write with left, do everything else with right.... Does that make me half a creative genious...? hmmmm

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