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Help with finding song played by Coldplay


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Hi all. I recently found on youtube: "Coldplay Soundcheck Toronto" ( [video=youtube;Xrd5Y05V-eQ]

), where they play Warning sign. After that song at 4:50 min., they started to play song, which i want to find out. Any know that song? plz help me. Thanks.
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I think you've stumbled onto something unreleased. The lyrics go something like “Baby, you're a reign of love, in the tall grass I can't cut.” I think that it's probably a Viva demo just because not only was this recorded during the Viva tour but also because it lyrically ties into Reign of Love. I listened to some other Viva demos but I couldn't find this one, though. :/

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It's funny, I actually commented on that video years ago and couldn't get an answer about what the song either. It was recorded in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre; my 'home arena' and all! Beautiful nonetheless, but a damn shame the user had to press 'stop record'.


Now that I revisited this video, we could perhaps try and find the exact tour date, find the thread in Coldplay Live sub, and ask someone there perhaps that may also have been at the soundcheck? It was the 30th/31st of July in 2008







Edit: Oh fuck, I actually went to one of these concerts (not the soundcheck tho)

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