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were going to mars yay lets all boogy


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i heard about that mission to mars. they also want to send somebody to the moon again. supposedly they want to try to send someone so they can stay there for a good amount of time.

yes, and it will cost billions of dollars

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*shrugs* sounds like a good idea to me, although admittedly i know little about it so far.


i hardly see how it qualifies as bush grabbing for cash (as amanda seems to suggest), although he probably should have thought about how we're going to pay for all this stuff before he proposed a collossal tax cut (not to mention thinking about things like education, home security, social security, and medicare that people actually need)

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I don't see much an an age difference between 20 and 23, actually.




About the topic: Bush hasn't given out the speech on this yet, but he might, next week. Apparently, he's learning from his dad's experience. Dad stood up for re-election and didn't have any grand plans. So Bush now is shelling out plans like crazy, what with the immigration changes and now this Moon/Mars mission. He doesn't want to be open to criticism that he can't think of any grand ideas, specially in this elections year. :rolleyes:


I heard one estimate of how much it might take for us to go to Mars and for the Moon base today on NPR. The expert thought it might come close to $ 1 Trillion...with a T!! :stunned: :o Compare that with NASA's yearly budgets, which range around $15 billion.


That's almost two orders of magnitude larger.


And Bush wants a target date of 2013.


We sure are living in exciting times, aren't we! :-) I'd love to see such things happen, so long as we can take care of business down on Terra Ferma as well. :cool:

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ummm yeah. i don't think i'll be a millionaire to even think of affording to go on a Moon voyage...or even to outer space, like that Russian and South African millionaires did last year...


But just imagine. Now some lover can tell to his love: sweetheart, for you, I can even go and get the moon and the stars! And he can actually go to the moon! on honeymoon? :wink3: :D

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