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Hello coldplayers


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Hi! my name is Isabel if you unscramble it you can form alisbe that's why I choose it as my name for the forum, pretty original, isn't it?

Well I'm from Mexico so please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes I make.


I created my account some time ago but I didn't introduced myself before. I was feeling strange in a community where it seems you have known the band for a long time And I have listened to their music just for almost three years. But at the same time I felt happy to find this space where fans around the world share their thoughts and feelings about a band who has the ability to join different cultures.


I hope I can share some interesting things with you. Best wishes to all of you!!!

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Hey everyone, my name is Zé, I'm 15 and I live in Portugal, how are you? I think it's obvious that we all love Coldplay very much, so we share one common love! What a great start huh? :D Well, I am a musician, and I made this cover, I would love your opinion :) [video=youtube;UeSNzpB_dq4]

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