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Video and audio quality of "Live 2003" / audio settings

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Hi all,


I bought a used "Live 2003" CD + DVD set yesterday, and as much as I love the concert, to be honest I was a bit disappointed by the video and audio quality. Now I didnt expect a perfect quality since it is 12 years old and a live recording, after all, but I was wondering if in your copies of Live 2003, the video is very low resolution too and the audio a bit unclear ? Or is the stuff I bought fake ?


Also, I was wondering what the best audio settings from those offered on the DVD is from your experience ? I didnt note differences between the settings, but I'm not sure....

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Post a picture of the CD/DVD, case and everything that you've got basically, maybe I can tell you if you got a cheap rip off/fake one or not.

I remember that my DVD has good settings, I could try posting screenshots and other encoding info tomorrow if you like.

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The case and the disks themselves actually don't look like a fake to me, i just got startled by the quality. But as I said, I'm not sure whether this is possibly the case with all copies since it is so old.

Here's a photo (i didnt figure out how to embed it within the post):





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It looks like the actual one.

Do remember that it is from 2003 so it's not as polished and over produced and clear as Live 2012 is. It does probably have a lower resolution, but nothing that should be too bad though. My DVD is more than fine to watch and the audio is good too.

Unless you are used to Blu-Ray all the time :P

But yeah, not to sure there.

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Regarding the video quality, I think it's just the fact that it's a DVD, and DVDs don't have great video quality most of the time.


The audio could be messed with by the player you're watching it on. I remember noticing that the audio went noticeably quieter when the music went louder and vice versa. At first I thought it was the DVD, but it turned out to be the "Dolby dynamic range compression" in the DVD player's settings. It's a setting that makes the audio the same volume throughout –*which might be what you want for movies, but is terrible for music. (Spotify has a similar setting turned on by default by the way; if you listen to Spotify, turn it off! It really screws with the sound.)


Of course it might just be the fact that it's 9 years older than Live 2012, as was suggested above. What does the CD sound like in comparison to the DVD? If the CD sounds significantly better, then something might not be optimal in the DVD player setup.


As for the audio settings of the DVD itself: if you don't have a surround sound setup, you should probably leave it at stereo.

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Thanks all of you for your helpful comments !

CD and DVD sound much alike concerning the sound, but i both played them in the same player so I'll look into the audio setting to see if there is a cause for the audio quality.

I was at first a bit hesitant to compare it with Youtube videos because i was under the impression that those are often hugely compressed. I did indeed compare the quality in the video posted by Linus with my DVD track, and the DVD track doesnt look as "smooth" as the youtube video - i can see the single resolution points there but i guess the explanation is simply that the Youtube file is compressed and i'm watching a video from 2003 on a high resolution screen from 2014.


It's just that I literally never watch DVDs, and this is my first Coldplay Live DVD i bought too, so i was unsure (I'll eventually be getting Live 2012 and 2014 too, so I'll be able to compare then). Thanks also for advice on the audio setup, i put it on stereo.

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OK, Live 2012 and 2014 have arrived !

And I have to say the video quality is not significantly better in Live 2012 as compared to 2003 on my player. 2014 has a better resolution but the video gets blurry with the movements, so I am overall a little bit disappointed. It may be due to my DVD player not being good enough, I don't know. I hoped it would be better on DVD then the live recordings available on Youtube for example, but i guess I could just as well have watched those.

I guess that's why people buy Blueray, unfortunately my DVD player can't play Blueray disks.


Anyway, now i have their complete Live discography I have a lot of awesome tracks to do sports to at home (which was my purpose for buying the disks, otherwise I usually prefer album versions over live) :) But it is much more cool and motivating to do sports at home when chris is madly dancing on stage on the TV ! :dance:


Which reminds me of this awesome Coldplay parody advert on youtube LOL :D [video=youtube;-c3YQwrXipU]

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