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Life In Technicolor ii lyrics


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Recently I've been listening to Life in Technicolor ii, and have been fixated on this verse:


Time came a-creepin'

Oh and time's a loaded gun

Every road is a ray of light

It goes o-o-on

Time only can lead you on

Still it's such a beautiful night


These are the correct lyrics according to every website or source I have come across (as far as I've checked, the official Coldplay timeline is missing the lyrics for this song)


I apologize if these are the official lyrics stated by Coldplay and I'm just making a fool of myself, but I suspect


"Time only can lead you on" should actually be "Time will leak and lead you on"


Here's why:


In this video of an acoustic rendition of the song

, Chris clearly sings "Time will leak but lead you on"


In the official recording, the word "but" is clearly never spoken, which leads me to believe the lyrics should be "Time will leak and lead you on"


It is very possible that Chris specifically altered the lyrics in the performance, but I am curious in hearing your guys' opinions on this.

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Guest diogo_sg

Honestly, I think Chris changed the lyrics in that performance. He does it many times, actually.



The live performance of Ink (on their YT). At some point he sings "Seems like they bounced on the edge of the night" instead of "Feels like there's something broken inside".


It's just something he does. We can call it "A Rush of Inspiration to the Head".


This being said, the correct lyrics are probably "Time only can lead you on". He simply altered them on that performance.


PS: the video isn't working.


"I live to see the world"

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That's what I thought at first, but what he sings is so similar to the lyrics in the recording I thought that might be what they meant.


Use this:


if the link doesn't work. Skip to 1:33.

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