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Ren's 3000th post party!!!


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Yaaay! Hi Ren & Kirk! :kiss:

Well Renny Boy I'm supa dupa! How are you? :D

Dee dum dee dum dee dum..guess what! I actually like a Muse song! I decided I did when I heard it on the radio driving home and I was bopping my head and everything! Then of thought of you mole and thought I must tell you! :D

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hehe gud gud



Juliazizzle were ya been hunni iv missed ya


I've been watching you from your window. :sneaky:

Naw only kidding! :P Uhm...I've been busy lately.. ya know how it is...everyone decides they are gonna have parties and shite a week before school starts again so.... :lol: :P

I've missed you too though! I miss this place lots! :cry:

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Yes! Me too hunni :D :kiss:

Bitch parties..haha oh gawd. It felt like on last night.

Me and my friends are super close. Like touchy feely you know...and there were these prissy girls at the party I went to yesterday and MY GOD you should of seen some of the looks they were giving me! It ruined my whole night. :(

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Guest LiquidSky
Are you scaring men' date=' Josie?[/quote']



Ren, always seems to be scared of me Noni....... :lol: :( that's why he hides away from me....... :stunned: :(

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I'm not sure getting rich managing the fan club... I'll choose another job.

I'll be their personal assistant!! Whoooa, and I'll tour with them, and I'll visit lot of places and I'll meet cool people... :wink3:

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