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[2016-03-17] Chris Martin on 95.5 PLJ Radio


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missed it.

LeAnn Rimes maybe? But that's a country singer


hmm, they did say they would try and be conscious of where they are touring. Made it seem like they'd get local talent.


But I swear chris said this person was from north london.

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What does Chris mean when after that fan story he says he couldnt have had that 10 years earlier ? He couldnt have it that ppl appreciated his music ?

I think he meant he would have been too insecure or uncomfortable to accept that type of compliment

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This interview also indicates how much his kids have influence over the musical direction the band has taken. He basically said his kids have shown him that all that matters is the beat and the way a song makes you feel. I think he should stick to the likes of Brian Eno when it comes to musical advice...

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