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Glad someone knows Coldplay! :D


Speaking of this new team, what do you think of their name? The "Vegas Golden Knights"...? And the logo? Personally, it's an alright name for me but it sounds very amateur, like some random Joe Schmoe got picked off of the streets and was asked to name an NHL team. And even then, they'd probably do better knowing that this would be a professional top-level hockey team and that naming it something that sounds awkward or amateur would be just really dumb. Not sure that they had in mind when naming that tons of people would eventually follow them, and that this would be a part of the biggest professional hockey league and would probably get mentiioned a few times. The "Black Knights" would have sounded much cooler, and I even seen someone on Twitter mention that if they got to choose the name they'd go with the "Nevada Silver Seven", which sounds ultra cool and rolls off the tongue very nicely, and is far FAR better than "Golden Knights". As far as I'm concerned if that was the name it would probably be one of my favorite names in the NHL.

As for the logo, it's pretty alright as well, although I did see that some other team in another sport I believe had a very similar looking logo, just in 3D and with some words. It looked much better than the Vegas Golden Knights logo.

Personally, I can't believe they put a hockey team in some place like Las Vegas. Why not bring back the Quebec team? More Canadian teams please. Not more American teams. They've gone far enough with Florida and LA and stuff like that... literally it makes no sense to put a NHL team there. Just my opinion.

So yeah.

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Not a fan of the name or logo. Looks like a generic team you'd be making on a video game....


I forget what the issue with Quebec was, they were one of the two finalists (with Vegas) to get an expansion team, so they're not too far off. I don't see the NHL sticking with 31 teams, just makes no sense, so its only a matter of time imo.

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If i'm not gonna bump this now, i'll never bump it.


My leafs are finally back in the big dance, and hoping to steal an away game tonight after surprising a lot of people (leafs fans included) for game 1.


An alternate question to fans: now that we're not going to the Olympics :/ are you more excited about the World Championships as a result? Or, rank these 3: Stanley Cup Playoffs, World Championships, Winter Olympics.

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