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Birds/flying as a theme.


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I've always been interested in this recurring theme in Coldplay songs. I decided to put together a list of how prominent it really is. I came up with


Birds, up & up- HFOD

O- Ghost Stories

Up with the Birds- Mylo Xyloto

Now my feet won't touch the ground- Prospekt's March

Speed of Sound-X&Y

Strawberry Swing- Viva la Vida

For You- Shiver EP

No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground- Yellow EP


Can you coldplayers think of any others, or give a reason why one of these don't really apply to this list.


Anyone know if in the past they have explained their affection for birds and the thought of flying.

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Well they have a lot of references of birds, also in demo's and B-sides, here is another:

1.36 - Look up and you see birds


And if there is 1 theme that is recurring, that certainly is "Flying". :)

- All your friends -> Fly into the sunset and away they go

- Sweet Marianne -> Gonna ride along and fly, gonna let it on

- The world turned upside down -> Pilots, up and away they fly

- High Speed -> Can anybody fly this thing

- We never change -> And I wanna fly

- Paradise -> In the night the stormy night away she'd fly

- Us against the world -> Fly up to the surface and just start again

- U.F.O. -> Bullets fly split the sky

- Up in flames -> This time you're flying on

- Army of One -> I’ve been around flying, baby


and there might be others of which I'm not thinking right now.


Chris once has told that he wanted to be able to fly. :)

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