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A Coldplay concert brought me here...


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Hi everybody! I just discovered this web two days ago but I already love it. It feels good to share my Coldplay passion with other people. I've always been a huge fan, but recently I went to my first Coldplay concert and now I think I love the band even more than before! That's why I've been looking for more info about them and then I've found this amazing website.


On the other hand, I have this annoying feeling: that wonderful concert night was so intense that I think I didn't appreciate the experience completely. Feels like the moment disappeared just like that, and somehow that makes me feel sad. Didn't you feel the same way after watching them on live? Maybe sounds crazy, but this is torturing me during the last days haha!

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Guest diogo_sg

Hi! Welcome to Coldplaying! Sometimes when you experience something extremely amazing you aren't able to fully enjoy/appreciate it while it's happening (maybe because it's a lot to take on at once?). But I'd say that'd something quite usual to happen. Nonetheless, if you were there and you loved it, that's what matters most [emoji6]

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