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What's your opinion about Ghost Stories?

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Like usually with CP, you begin appreciate album and songs after some time.


Yesterday I eventually watched Chris Martin extremely personal one hour interview with Zane Lowe. Couple of weeks ago I've been at the gig in Amsterdam (24th June). Even earlier I started to listen GS again and re-watching some moments from concert-movie (best time for it a deep, black night).


The songs I can't stand earlier today one of my favourites - Always In My Head, ASFoS, and I like Midnight more then ever before. And O/Fly On is absolutely magical track. It's always been. I also adore bonus tracks - especially All Your Friends.


Can't add anything to those great comments above. I'm not too soft person nowadays, but when I'm hearing this sound with angelic voices I feel strange conflicting emotions like joy and sadness simultaneously. Damn it, Coldplay!


Simply extraordinary album. I would dare put it on the same shelf with ARoBTTH.

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Ghost Stories is a sad album and I love it.


When I first listened to it, I thought to myself WTF?


Lyrics very simple, straight to the point.


Production sounds fairly simple (I'm sure it wasn't) and far from rock music and yet I love it.


Very dreamy indeed.


I often listen to this album in order as to me it tells a story in a sad and beautiful way with a happy ending.


It is my 2nd favourite album behind Mylo Xyloto.


I love the Album cover too. So much that I use it as my home screen on my pc and my phone.



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