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  1. Like usually with CP, you begin appreciate album and songs after some time. Yesterday I eventually watched Chris Martin extremely personal one hour interview with Zane Lowe. Couple of weeks ago I've been at the gig in Amsterdam (24th June). Even earlier I started to listen GS again and re-watching some moments from concert-movie (best time for it a deep, black night). The songs I can't stand earlier today one of my favourites - Always In My Head, ASFoS, and I like Midnight more then ever before. And O/Fly On is absolutely magical track. It's always been. I also adore bonus tracks - espec
  2. I got the impression that immigration was the main point for leaving. And I can't see how BREXIT would improve economic, if anything it would be worse because EU preferential market would be closed. If you don't like government the same people voted - that's another story and has nothing to do with leaving. Not to mention what vibe Britain send in this difficult time to the EU and other world. I would say it's a bit naive and selfish look.
  3. Wuuut? Did I miss something? Yes, but I can't remember any stadium gig with great sound, perhaps U2 360 but I may had been lucky with spot. Anyway people told us way before that sound at AA not very good. The one thing I forgot to mention, how Chris opened music sheets for Amsterdam (you could notice it from the screenshot above and how Chris glanced at them from time to time on youtube video).
  4. OMG!!!1111 Just came back from my mini Europe vacation (Brussels-Amsterdam-Paris). The show was great, from technical point better than VLV tour (I missed MX), on the other side first gig is always special. And I stayed almost at the back of the GA (some good 10 metres to the left from C-stage). Also annoying thing that it was bright day - they should choose next year some other summer months, perhaps august, when sunset would be much earlier. I bet with my friend we would probably hear Amsterdam live after reading 23th gig setlist. And this is it. The most epic moment of the concert.
  5. What about fireworks? The height of shooting would be adjusted? My friends are lazy bast&rds, wanna go about 8pm, I hope be at stadium around 7pm.
  6. I think they put a lot of effort into creating scene and effects, xylobands, so around 50 gigs seems not enough. But MX has around 80 (not including festivals), so I hope guys at least would add some additional European leg(s), considering only 20 shows there. But you never know (see how they cancel SA MX leg).
  7. Hiya, need one ticket for 24th June Amsterdam gig.
  8. Can't understand a thing, but I guess exra t has been already sold out.
  9. Chris's voice was never perfect. Check this Talk performance some 11 years ago:
  10. ^Definitely. I also have a stupid question. Is smoking allowed during the gig? Heard on football matches everyone on the stands smokes, and not just cigarettes. :anxious:
  11. Odvan

    Up&Up Music Video

    I'm not too much of a "song-video-footage" guy, but this official video is absolutely fantastic!!! One of the best ever.
  12. As of today I would say the whole second part after Eyes is freaking fantastic. But you need good stereo system to enjoy all nuances in sound. I save listening the album on these for dessert!
  13. Why? It's not a competition. I'm still tasting MSP, because even KoL started to feel great after couple of month. It would be a pity if its the last Radiohead album (all these stuff with deleting data from official site and social media's). And I agree its not Radiohead best album, far from it. At least now. Hardcore fans already knew or heard 7 tracks out of 11. So it has vibes of "Greatest hits", the essence of the band.
  14. So it seems they dropped Politik for good. Realising it should be a joy show, there are enough politics nowadays. A clever move perform different songs at B/C-stages, pleasing fans, without touching the main dish. Can't wait to see "A message" footage!
  15. Wow, SoS is amazing, I miss this song live. It seems tour is going better and better.
  16. Some bands specifically make songs for tour or stadium performance. Like U2 with previous album - some material sounds much better then studio record. And it's not about to make long setlist, for Chris, he said it several times, it to make perfect show. Two hours is fair enough, I think. This gig setlist with Scientist and Shiver is perfect for my taste. Would glad to hear it in Amsterdam (I still doubt they would play Amsterdam because it's a long song with complex tune at the end).
  17. Maybe. Perosnally I never understood the fuss about Bowie. The same with Bob Dylan. Can't remember any great song.
  18. Unfortunately Chris has been never consistent with his voice, but nowadays it's almost a big luck to hear full gig with perfect vocal.
  19. I guess you are right, it's always been that way. Still would be cool to add one extra song from Parachutes/X&Y, perhaps instead of Bowie song? BTW if my memory is in good shape, I remember guys almost never changed setlist, maybe one song. I'm wondering they couldn't perform Green Eyes always, so it's a possibility to hear Amsterdam (we got a slim chance to hear it at AA)/Scientist/Speed of Sound.
  20. Excuse me, lads, but is that a real setlist? It's better than the one with 19 songs, because of Viva and Birds. But 8 songs from a mediocre album, give me a break.
  21. Well it depends. In Berlin O2 back in 2008 my friends and I was around 15-00 in a small line, and doors opened around 17-18. This is I believe the crucial moment, because everybody run for best spots. Then when you settle near the stage, you can hold your spots, friends can keep it while you are visiting WC, etc. Then another big moment when support's concert starting, because crowd moves forward. Also I may add I'm not a fan to be in the first raw, 10-15 m from the stage is optimal, in terms of sound and visual experiences.
  22. Made iphone 6/6s wallpapers: [ATTACH]3999[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4000[/ATTACH]
  23. Why? It's insane. I was at Mountain View gig in 2009 - general admission was behind seats. Crazy stuff.
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