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Guess the Coldplay song - Emoji attack!!

Guest diogo_sg

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Guest diogo_sg

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another guessing game! This game is inspired by the new Coldplay Mojis (which you can now use on Skype)!


It's a very simple one: you just have to describe a Coldplay song solely by using emojis (max. 6) and then let the other members guess which song it is. The member who guesses will then choose and describe another song. Easy, right?!


Have fun, Coldplayers!! [emoji1]


I'll start:


[emoji89] [emoji573] [emoji292] [emoji174]

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Guest diogo_sg
I love this so much already omg


Moving to Mars?

Haha! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to know! [emoji1]


Yess!!! Your turn!!

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