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Coldplay Questions


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Guest diogo_sg

Hey! Welcome to Coldplaying!

The first question I really don't know how to answer, sorry. But don't panic already! The tour isn't over yet! They can still announce dates in Asia ;)


The second question: they aren't. They've said multiple times that they are not planning to break up anytime soon,so don't worry about that :D

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Welcome to Coldplaying! :D A lot of rumors have said that Coldplay will be touring in India or the Philippines and I remember them doing a video a year or two ago where they mentioned wanting to return to Japan soon. So don't lose hope! As for your second question, they have said that A Head Full Of Dreams is like the last book in a series and it might be the last Coldplay album. They just might tour without new albums, or take a long hiatus from recording new music. No matter what, they do not want to split up so there's no reason to worry about that happening. :)


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I think they've said this tour will last more than a year. Also they've mentioned several times they'd go next year to certain places (p.e they've said they'd return USA and they'd visit Italy), so maybe they've already planned a second leg! You may see them in Asia in 2017, why not? Remember: everything's not lost! :wacko:

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Welcome on here !:) Don't know how to answer the first question as well. But for the second question, like it's been said, they are not breaking up. No matter what.


(And don't worry, we have enough crazy Coldplay fans here on the forum :D )



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