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7th April 2017: Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand


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Very excited for the Coldplay gig in Bangkok as this will be my 2nd gig since Twisted Logic Tour back in Dallas, Texas back in around 2005-06. This time going to concert with my wife which is her first time and she is very excited for it. We will be flying from Indonesia to see them.


Thinking to meet them in Bangkok, anyone in here can give a suggestion of how to meet them in Bangkok such as maybe to meet them during the soundcheck or the hotel where they will be staying at in Bangkok.Thanks and cheers mate!

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Might be too late to write the review since it's been 2 months now. It was an amazing and a beautiful gig. The best concert experience that I have been to. The setlist was great and love Paradise set!


Also, we were trying to meet with the band at the Hotel where they stayed at, but after 2 hours of wait and no sign from the band appearance we decided to leave and went to Asiatique for sightseeing since this is the first time for me & my wife visit Bangkok. We were walking at Asiatique buying some souvenirs and all, and suddenly we heard people were screaming at the Ferris Wheel. Honestly, we thought there was an accident or something bad happened.


It turned out it was Chris Martin (CM) was in the Ferris Wheel and the music suddenly changed to "Yellow." People were shouting his name and all. I think Jess Kent was there too. Since it was packed, we were trying to find or guess where they might leave from Ferris Wheel. We saw a large luxury van and we thought we should wait in front of it. Yes, it was their car since one of event staff asked us to leave Lol.


Finally, CM came out and rushed to the van. We were the only one there before all the people surrounded him. I managed to get my Rush to The Blood CD Cover signed by CM, but me & my wife could not manage to take a picture with him since we were crushed by the crowd too Lol. Glad that we went to Asiatique right after from the Hotel so still have a CD Cover in my bag. My wife was very happy since this is the first time she went to Coldplay concert and managed to met CM. It was trully an adventure of lifetime.

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