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Chris Martin writes for Jamelia


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from nme.com


CHRIS MARTIN is branching out as a songwriter-for-hire and has written a single for R&B star JAMELIA.


‘See It In A Boy’s Eyes’ was written by Chris especially for Jamelia. He provides backing vocals and piano on the song, which was recorded in London at the end of last year.


Jamelia told NME.COM: "Chris Martin is a really inspiring person to work with. I absolutely loved every minute of being in the studio with him. It feels like we've created a new genre of music where we both stay true to what we do. I loved the fact that he brought out something completely different in me.


"His vocals on the track are really haunting. It's amazing that he could write lyrics from a woman's point of view and articulate feelings from a totally different perspective. I have always been a fan of Coldplay, and am even more of a fan now."

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It's cool he's done that, some lesser artists would probably turn their noses up at such a request in fear of what people make think of them.


On the new Aimee Mann album there is a bonus disk in which she has done a cover of 'The Scientist' which is meant to be brilliant. The person on Kazxaa who has it though, won't let me download it :angry:

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