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Connect Coldplay lyrics - The game


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I came up with this idea, I hope it will be fun; there might be Coldplay lyrics of a Coldplay song that can form some sort of connection with those of another Coldplay song. What do you need to do: try to connect the Coldplay lyrics of a song with lyrics of another Coldplay song and post a new Coldplay lyric.



If you have these lyrics: We'll be birds flying free

Which Coldplay lyrics would fit in with these Coldplay lyrics then?

I would say: Take me anywhere in seconds, take me anywhere I wanna go

Now it's your turn, good luck =D


And I know it’s over, a parting of ways

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This I guess is to tell you you're chosen out from the rest


Maybe it's better to post a new line after you connect 2 lines. Otherwise we'll stick in the same kind of lyrics forever...

Wait, let's just move on how we started. We'll see how it turns out!

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