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Coldplay tickets fraudster


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Hi anyone had dealings with Krishan Church? I see he may have scammed other people but managed to get the comments removed from this site! I bought Coldplay tickets from him from my daughter to give her father on father's day and he has taken my money and then tried to sell again! He has decided to keep my money and now I have a present ruined, no Coldplay tickets and a very angry mother here! This matter will now be referred to the police and i will expose him for what he is.. a fraudster and con man.. He is selling tickets on here and preloved. God knows how many people's money he has taken!e4689d6a9deeecde84e94b8b3876fd43.jpg063c314de96a3ab2448a7b444a9ff308.jpg


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Sorry to hear about your experiences and wish I had searched the Internet a little further to see this posting. I too had Krishan Church take money from me for concert tickets. As soon as I gave him money for tickets for a concert he disappeared. Was his email address: krisc1509 @ gmail.com ? I did file a formal report with the authorities and highly recommend you do the same. Shame that people like this have to exist to ruin it for everyone.

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