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Coldplay changed my life this year...


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Hello all!


I've been listening to Coldplay since I was in college and my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to their first single Yellow. This was the same time the band members themselves were either in college or barely out themselves so it's been a while. At various times in my life their songs have been almost like a soundtrack for my life. Dealing with a family member's sudden sickness and death, Warning Sign; getting married, A Message; rocking and singing to a colicky baby to soothe her, Green Eyes; dealing with professional challenges at work, Paradise; feeling my lowest, Amsterdam; feeling in awe of the universe, Atlas; feeling grateful, A Head Full of Dreams.


It wasn't until I went to my first concert this August, though, that I realized just how much of an impact this band, their music, their message has had on my life. Part of it is due to all the negativity hitting us left and right in the US especially...to focus on something positive, full of love and light, and life affirming has changed my life this year. I started changing my outlook, exercising (while listening to Coldplay playlist of course lol) and eating right, dropped over 20 pounds, stopped drinking as much, and just overall don't feel as lost as I have for most of my life. I am on a journey towards peace. I've always struggled on the edge of anxiety and depression...and now I am dealing. I am truly dealing. I still have ups and downs...but the ups are higher and the downs are less frequent.


Coldplay did that for me...everything just switched in my mind after I experienced the most amazing night of my life at their concert.


So, I've been soaking up all I can in songs I didn't discover before, b-sides, videos, interviews, news, forums...I've been lurking for a while and am glad I found this group! I'm neither Old or NewPlay...I'm AllPlay. :)


Thank you and I do believe in love.

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I was hooked the first time I heard them as well!! And ditto most off your post with exceptions of song choices (obviously we habe our own thoughts and meanings behind them) that's how we personalize.


I think Colplay genuinely has the same effect on many, but you be validated with stories from other fans is so validating, so thank you!


I have been on numerous forums and belong to many groups. I have volunteered with others during their shows and to hear how we all connect on a deeper level is amazing!


So welcome and again thanks for sharing :)


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