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  1. WOTW/POTP It had a lot of potential, but it's VERY short and it doesn't have the quality of Parachutes.
  2. [spoiler=Review of "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!&quot] This is my review of the mixtape I've been given. I've tried to keep up with @The Jordanator's review style! Orchestral instrumentals are the main theme of the mixtape. This gives the feeling of a fairytale-like journey. I would point out that tracks 7 and 8 don't really fit in with the others and that's why I don't give any bonus points. I was impressed though by the creative way you chose the tracks' titles!
  3. The boy on the SJLT artwork wears a mask Marmite
  4. ΗΙΝΤ #2: A natural satellite is named after the fourth word
  5. HINT: The fourth word is used in English for complex words
  6. Δε θέλω να φοβόμαστε αυτά που δεν ξέρουμε De thélo na fovómaste aftá pou den xéroume.
  7. Definitely, the unreleased song from the early MX accoustic sessions. It has references to a wedding. It sounds a bit like Wedding Bells and Lukas.
  8. WHAT? Did he say that in the interview?
  9. Parachutes: Trouble AROBTTH: Clocks X&Y: Square One VLVODAAHF: Yes MX: MX/Hurts Like Heaven Ghost Stories: Oceans AHFOD: Birds Everyday Life: Arabesque
  10. Wow! I wish I was in London with some other Coldplay fans!!! Have a good time!
  11. I guess "voorzichtig" is careful like "vorsichtig" in German. Be careful where you stand?
  12. [MEDIA=twitter]1197821840858722305[/MEDIA] The full story on Chris's friend Tony. This makes this song so personal and blue. :weary_face:
  13. That was awesome!!! I got goosebumps with the ending of Arabesque!
  14. Very good question! This will solve some of the mystery! Thank you :blush:
  15. It would be weird to call God "baby". I think what he tries to say is that when he's hurt, no church can heal him like his significant other. He feels like his lover is his "church".
  16. I've listened to the album quite a lot of times. :rolleyes: Songs that I didn't like that much at first (BrokEn/Eko) have grown on me. Now, I can say that EL surpassed X&Y in my ranking! 1. VLVODAAHF 2. AROBTTH 3. Parachutes 4. EL 5. X&Y 6. MX 7. GS 8.AHFOD
  17. Also, Bani Adam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS-NYH8_Ce0:249
  18. And I was trying to think what the drums remind me! You made Church much better for me!
  19. Sunrise It is really good! A unique opener to a unique album. Church Those drums!!! One of the best on the album. I don't like a lot the production on vocals. Trouble In Town I adore it! The first half sounds like For You and E-lo had a baby. I think the snippets ruin the song... BrokEn Weird and something Coldplay wouldn't put out in any way. A good filler. Only Chris, the choir and a simple drum beat in this one. Daddy The melody reminds me Famous Old Painters. The lyrics are VERY simple, but I don't mind. Very emotional and Viva-esque. Vocals remind me Prospekt's March.
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