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tell us where, when you saw coldplay in concert


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When 14th April 2003

Where MEN Manchester (not the best venue for bands becuase of the seats

How did I enjoy it ? One the the best moments of my life.


Espically when chris did in my place, and let the crowd sing it, whilst he danced. And made a joke afterwards stating "that was almost as good, of having a line of a hookers backside" naughty chris :) :)

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Where: ATL Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: September 4th, 2003


Best night of my life. Brilliant concert... actually... it was PERFECT.

Seriously, i don't think it could've been better than that. I still daydream about that concert... Aah, I wanna see em again...! :/ ... right now! :stunned:

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