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The English Patient


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This is my favourite film..

So moving...i think it's one of the most beautiful love stories ever.

An ingenious piece of filmmanship haha :D

i found it confusing the first time i watched it. but after seeing it the whole way through, and understanding the end, it just had to watch it again..and again...makes me cry every time :roll:

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I had a friend called Molly. It turned out her dad was a scientist with a particular interest in shellfish. I wondered if 'Molly' was short for 'mollusc'? But then' date=' my sense of humour sucks .... ! :P[/quote']



*is confused as to why Victoria is talking about Molly* fragend013.gif

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Cos you said your dad's deep sea diving at the mo - it just reminded me of my friend and her dad (I believe he was a marine biologist) :-D Sorry to confuse - I go off on a tangent sometimes lol :lol: :D :roll:


ohhhhh right!! thats ok 8)

my dad phoned 2nite and all is well in Egypt :D :D

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