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Butters is Dead


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It's only an avatar change, and we all change avatars so frequently that it's not really worth noting when it happens. But today I'd be remiss if I didn't say a few words about my friend Butters, the best avatar I've ever had.


There's something about how pathetic Butters is that really summed up this last period on the board for me. But now that period's over, much like the end of a Chinese dynasty. A new leader has ascended to the throne, and if Butters personified the mood for his era then I hate to think what this coming period will bring.


I predict I will invade the Travis thread searching for Posts of Mass Destruction. I already am 100% sure that there are PMDs there. My intelligence sources are very good. After taking over that thread, we will find those posts and dismantle them. Ren, Mandy, Noni and the others behind the Travis thread will be brought to justice.


Goodbye, Butters.

Hello, Dubya.


Later that day ...


Looking at George Bush's face was just not working. It was bringing me and other(s) down. So, insert Monseiur Chappelle.


It looks as if the Travis thread is safe.

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But it's changed.


'Tis now Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle playing Samuel Jackson, doing a commerical for Samuel Jackson's (not Samuel Adam's) beer.


"Mmmm. Mmmm. Good mother fucking beer, bitch."


"Samuel Jackson beer. It'll get you drunk. You'll be fucking fat chicks in no time."


I can't even type those lines without being a little embarassed.

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