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Ok this is really sad


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Awwwww ... I think that's kind of cool, though.

It shows this is more than a message board.

It's kind of a community.

Hey Jessy ... if this is a community, I hope you live next door to me ...


... so when I have kids I can pawn them off on you when am and the Mrs. need a night out ;)

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Yay :D


Hmm good question...I think my other neighbor would be Brian so I could play loud music and he wouldn't care because he would like it too. :P


So I'm gonna have to send Noni over to ask you to turn it down?


OK - time to look for another house :P

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I just joined another message board' date=' posted a couple times and then felt like I was betraying this one so I signed off. :embarrased: :rolleyes:[/quote']


lol...!! what message board was it??


It was the WhiteStripes.net message board :rolleyes: NOTHIN SPECIAL I tell ya :smug:

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